Mind the gap
Mind the gap
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のっちやめてくれ・・・ by chon-lu

this picture represents the perfume project entirely.
Q: please give us Control Lyriiiiiiiics.. :D
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in case you didn’t understand the point of the numbers (or that Toshiko was singing numbers at all) in CAPSULE’s “12345678," snatch up your nearest keyboard, follow this chart, and you’ll see that the numbers actually match the melody of the song for the most part, anyway

OMG, genius! I was thinking “why up to 8?” then I thought of the seven basic notes and the extra C… god.
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Hola ✨🗿

Lukas Phillip Ziegele

I wanna do bad things with you. (by Thibaut Elijah Lafargue)

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